Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get a refund for my order?

Upon making a purchase from 00:00 Studios, you agree to the following:




Please note that some official merch & albums may have minor dents on the outer packaging due to the store's security wires and/or from shipping. Official merch & albums do not come with random inclusions (photo cards/postcards, etc) unless otherwise noted. Please see individual listing descriptions for details.


Please refer to our SHOP POLICIES & TERMS OF SERVICE for more details. 

Q: Do you ship internationally?
  • Yes! We ship both domestically from the USA and worldwide.
  • 00:00 Studios is not responsible for any import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. The buyer is responsible for these charges, which are typically due once the package arrives in the destination country upon receipt of the package.
  • Notice for UK / EU / EUROPEAN shoppers: please shop via our Etsy shop as Etsy is responsible for collecting the VAT or similar tax on the sale of goods on the Etsy platform.
Q: How much is shipping?
  • Shipping is calculated based on the details of the order (weight, distance, and shipping method). The website will calculate shipping for you — just add items to your cart and enter your address.
  • Free (USA) Domestic Shipping on Orders $75+ — No Code Needed!
Q: How long does it take to ship?
    • Pre-order items take longer to produce. Please refer to the item descriptions and Product Calendar for detailed timeframes.
    • In-stock (ready-to-ship) items are typically put into transit within 1-2 business days. Actual transit time depends on the method of shipment the customer chose at checkout. Please refer to the Order Confirmation email for the chosen Shipping method.
    • Please note: If your order contains items with different shipping timeframes, your entire order will not ship until all items are ready.
      Q: I just made a purchase, where is my confirmation email?
      • Check your spam/junk folder!
      • If you don't see it in there, it's likely that the email address that was provided was incorrect. If this is the case, please contact us for further assistance.
      Q: I got a tracking number but the package hasn't moved. What's going on?
      • Labels are created prematurely in an effort to organize and prepare for shipment.
      • 00:00 Studios packs and ships all orders in the order in which they are received.
      • Don't worry if your package hasn't moved yet, it will!
        Q: Oh no, I entered the wrong shipping address!
        • Email us (0000artwrk@gmail.com) right away so that we can fix it before your order ships.
        • Be sure to include the following information in your email to expedite resolution:
          • Your First & Last Name that was provided at the time of purchase.
          • Order # that was provided in the order confirmation email.
        Q: There's an issue with my shipment, what should I do?

        Please note that 00:00 Studios is not responsible for delayed, lost, misdelivered, stolen and/or damaged packages once it has been shipped.

        • If there is an issue with your shipment, you are responsible for reaching out to Shopify Customer Support and/or filing a missing mail/lost package claim with the courier listed on your tracking number. 

        • If packages are returned to 00:00 Studios, the customer will be notified.

          • 00:00 Studios is not responsible for fees associated with re-shipment, redirected packages, customs clearance, and other likely fees that may incur.
          • If you would like the package resent, you are responsible for paying for the re-shipping fee by the time/date specified in your re-shipment notification email.
          • If response and/or payment are not completed in the allotted time, no action will be taken and the case will be closed. Again, as stated above, no refunds/exchanges/returns/cancellations will be made.
        • Please ensure that complete and accurate shipping address details are provided at the time of purchase to avoid any delays. 
              Q: Where's my package? (My package is lost, stolen, delayed, marked delivered but not actually delivered, etc)
              • If your package was Lost and/or Delayed, please contact the courier.
                • The typical process for a refund is: the customer contacts the courier. The courier will investigate and if the courier deems package as lost/damaged, then the courier will refund the seller. When the funds have been received from the courier, the seller will then refund the customer.
                • Please note that the seller does not handle the actual claim with the courier, the seller is just simply notified of the refund.
              • If your package was Stolen, please contact the courier with tracking number information. They will open a case and ask the customer to fill out a form and provide detailed information and/or proof. The courier will work with the customer from beginning to end. 
              Q: Why is it the customers' responsibility to contact the courier?
              • 00:00Studios holds no responsibility in how couriers handles their deliveries. Once 00:00Studios hands off the package to the courier, the package now becomes the couriers responsibility to deliver to the customer. 00:00Studios is not the courier.
              Q: My shipment is to an address outside of the United States and the tracking has stopped or is taking longer than 8 weeks:
              • The customer should contact the nearest postal office to the destination address with the tracking #. It's most common that the package is waiting for in-person pickup at the local post location.
              • If the postal office does not have the package, contact the original courier directly to open an investigation/claim.
              • If the courier issues a refund, the refund will be sent to 00:00 Studios first and 00:00 Studios will then refund the customer.
              • If the courier closes the case or does not issue a refund, then there is no involvement or control from 00:00 Studios' side.
              Q: Why did the tracking for my international shipment stop?
              • The most common answer: customers who pay for international standard shipping via USPS (the cheapest option) will not get door-to-door tracking.
              • Tracking stops at the last USA location, which is typically a distribution center.
              • If the customer wants door-to-door tracking, they will need to pay for a higher level shipping method at check out.
              Please note that 00:00 Studios has no control over what happens to the package and does not have any more tracking info than what the customer can see.
              Q: Can I combine my orders?
              • If you have an existing unshipped order/pre-order and would like to combine it with your new order, please leave a comment in the “Special instructions for seller” box at checkout with all related order numbers.
              • Please note that by doing so, you agree to the understanding that combining orders may lead to delayed ship times.
              [ PRE-ORDERS ]
              Q: What is a pre-order item?

              A pre-order is an order placed for an item before it is available, with the understanding that it will be shipped later.

              • If a pre-order item does not receive enough funding by the end of its indicated timeframe, the item will not be put into production and you will receive a full refund for that item.
              • Pre-order items take longer to produce but are worth the wait! Please refer to the item descriptions and Product Calendar for detailed timeframes.
              Q: I'm from the UK / EU, how do I pre-order?
              • Unfortunately, at this time, only in-stock (ready-to-ship) items are available to purchase (via Etsy). Etsy does not support the extended wait times that are required for preorders.
                [ GRADING ]
                Q: What's the difference between Standard vs. B Grade?
                • Standard Grade is the best of the bunch! 
                • B Grade contains minor cosmetic imperfections. 
                Q: What is “as-is”/Sample grade?

                These items are usually A grades that I keep as a model for photography, for my portfolio of work, or for display purposes. They most closely comply with my design specifications. I usually do not sell Sample Grades and have decided to make an exception with some of these items, listing them “as is”. Due to a variety of factors, mostly the varying nature of the samples’ use, I will not take requests for photos of the samples, for any particular customer, no matter the circumstances. It’s extremely time consuming to take photos of each and every imperfection (if any) in displays items; which is why the As Is items are already deeply discounted. If you wish to receive an item in standard/perfect condition, please consider purchasing the non-as is version available on the website. Thank you!


                Have a question/concern that wasn’t covered in the F.A.Q. above? Contact us.

                DO NOT contact 00:00 Studios via social media regarding existing orders.